Art Journal ‘Robinson Crusoe’

Hi everyone 🙂  Yesterday I went to a local thrift shop to find myself some old books to alter and use as an art journal. I’m an old soul when it comes to these kind of things and I was thrilled to find a very old copy of Robinson Crusoe. I guess the universe is telling me to seek some more adventure ;). I ripped out a couple of pages – yes that did hurt a little – and glued the first few together. It’s so old it’s literally falling apart so I needed a bit more body before I could work on any of these pages.

So here’s the moodboard by More Than Words that gave me the inspiration to work on this spread. It’s old, it’s vintage and besides the fact that I went to get this book yesterday I also used the line that comes after ‘yesterday’ in the Beatles song. But I did tweak it a little, ’cause I wanted to create a positive page…’my troubles seemed so far away’ didn’t quite fit so I changed it into ‘my troubles seem so far away’. Which sounds a lot more positive and I guess when your on a deserted island like Robinson Crusoe your troubles really do seem far away ;). Although you mind find some new troubles… lol.

I’ve used an old photo and pieces of film by Tim Holtz as the connection to the antique camera in the moodboard. I bet the photograph I’ve used is actually shot with a camera just like that. And I’ve used some vintage die-cuts by AB Studio. Which is my new favorite brand for stencils, stamps and papers by the way ;).

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a great day!

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